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Each brand has a story to tell.
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Webstoryz brings interactive experience of stories directly
to your website or mobile app. Interact
with your users by delivering
engaging and personalized stories

Install stories-widget and watch
your key metrics growth


Time spend on the website


Mobile traffic conversion


Viewing depth

Market leaders are actively implementing the stories format in their services:

  • inform about current promos and special offers
  • introduce users to their services and products

Web Stories — is a perfect tool
to interact with users

Conduct surveys and contests

Collect user feedbacks using interactive forms of surveys and quizzes.

Sell goods and services directly in the web-stories!

Place product’s photo or video along with CTA button to increase conversion

Bring value to the client, share useful content

Enrich your onboarding with full-screen and engaging stories. Share latest news and let users explore more about your products or services.

Install web-stories widget and watch key metrics growth.

Create stories and place them in the widget on your website or mobile app.

Stories widget will become a “hot” zone of your site or mobile app. Manage viewer’s attention and convert it to actions.

4 simple steps for a quick start

Start creating stories today!


Create a widget

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Create a web story

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Add a web-story to your widget

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Publish your widget on the website

Get 14-day free trial period

Create your stories using Webstoryz builder, customize your stories to fit the story experience in your website or app design.

You can customize:

  • Size and number of highlights
  • The form of highlights
  • Cover and outline color of highlights
  • Highlights title
  • Additional customization upon your request
  • Track widget and web-stories views
  • Use UTM tags on the web-stories for mobile traffic
  • Get data every time interacting with users
  • Use Google Analytics when creating a web-story
🤝 😍 🎅 👿 🤗

Boost conversion rate with CTA buttons. Build an interactive experience using a wide range of type content:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Polls
  • Games
  • Chat bots
  • SDK for installing the widget in an iOS app
  • SDK for installing the widget in an Android app
  • Deliver relevant stories to the right audiences using tags for your user segments
  • Provide a great customer experience by connecting your users personally


Investmets which pay off as soon as possible!

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  • Highlight views (web stories)
  • Number of highlights
  • Number of widgets
  • SDK Android + iOS
  • Personalization
  • Cost of 1000 additional views
  • Webstoryz logo
  • Personal technical support

Additional services

Stories widget
from scratch

Our team creates a widget and fills it with custom stories keeping it up to day

from 70$
/ month

Learn more

Web-stories templates
for your business

Use custom templates for your businesses and demonstrate your product and services in the best way

from 25$
/ template

Large business



Commodity business

Product card


Small business

Beauty salon


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Every brand has a story to tell. Start your authentic stories now!

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Webstoryz widget works with popular CMS

Strengthen your website with a web-story widget. Join forces with the best marketing and CMS platforms.

Web-stories we are proud of

We create custom web-stories that correspond to the client's business goals, starting from the concept to smart conversion mechanics that convert leads to customers.

Create your story in our Webstoryz builder or contact us to get a custom web-story design.


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